David talks to friends gathered together in Sedona,
Tuesday October 27

I feel so grateful and I feel so blessed, so incredibly blessed.

About 10 days ago I went to my fax machine and there's a fax from Gila and Prachurya. They were reading the Glimpses of a Golden Childhood and they sent me a page from it, and it was so perfect. It really carried me in the week that followed, so I thought I would share that with you tonight.

Osho was talking about His first experience of death, and that was of His grandfather. It goes like this: "Unless you love someone and then he dies, you cannot really encounter death. Let this be underlined. Death can only be enountered in the death of the loved one. When Love plus Death surrounds you, there is a transformation, an immense mutation, as if a new being is born. You are never the same again. But people do not love, and because they do not love they can't experience death the way I experienced it. Without love, death does not give you the keys to Existence. With love it hands over to you the keys to all that is."

And boy, is that the Truth!

I've just been so incredibly happy because we've been hearing and reading all these truths for all these years. And now it is my knowing. All of these incredible Jewels that He's talking about, and you're thinking, "Yeah, that sounds so great. I want that too, I would love to have that and I want that experience also." And how often do you get this chance to know something that is able to take me beyond the duality, give me an experience of something that doesn't have an opposite. And guess what? It's really something!

Every moment I just keep feeling, I am so grateful. I feel so blessed.

As these days have been going by, I've encountered so many of you and so many people have called me from around the world and of course it's different with each person that I speak to. Nine times out of ten I'm consoling those people ...! Immediately. They call with such sadness and condolences and I want them to know that the greatest thing that ever happened in my life just happened. I know this





sounds really strange, but you know, she gave me the greatest gift - life did, whatever did, I don't know.

So of course everyone says, how are you? how are you? and I immediately think ... can this person handle that everything's just great? I have to gently explain to them that she didn't die. Something happened in that moment, I haven't been the same since.

The thing that I kind of get with this is that for so many years hanging around Kaveesha you just have to hang right in the moment. She didn't know anything of the past or anything of the future. So I just had to get with it immediately from the beginning - if you wanted to survive around her you had to, which wasn't too difficult. So I'm pretty well versed in the moment.
I imagine that if I got into the past or got into the future I'd probably be in a lot of trouble. So, so far so good is how I keep feeling. So ... this moment's okay, the next moment seems to just take care of itself.

And I feel like that's what I can share with you. Because it's all of our moment. Her Love, as we all know, was much bigger than just loving one person. She poured herself in all of us. So when I look at all of you I see her. It makes me feel really good.

I've heard a few little stories around, and one of the things I'd like to do tonight is give you a little flavor of what happened the last few days with Kaveesha so you have it straight from my mouth.

This last year has been incredibly challenging and sometimes amazingly difficult for me, as you can imagine. Watching the most beloved person for me suffer like that in the body - I just hated it. And it was really difficult because there's nothing like that helplessness ... and to just learn to just stay present with that person, in the midst of something that all of us would just hate. And of course I can see now that maybe one of her biggest lessons this year, and she even said it, was "You are not the Body." She's a good student, she loved to learn - that was her deal - and life just poured it on! A hard lesson. But as those that were hanging around her and I myself saw, she was so graceful with it, in spite of the difficulty.

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