A dewdrop
named Kaveesha
into the Ocean
of Existence

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Our Beloved Kaveesha left her body on Thursday afternoon, October 22, at 3:30 pm Sedona time. On Tuesday afternoon it became obvious that Kaveesha was about to leave the body, and the quality of her breathing changed. She seemed to be in a tremendous peacefulness.

For the first time in many months she did not seem to be in pain - she was hovering around her body. It was incredibly beautiful in the room. She was surrounded by many of her loved ones.

David stayed up with her all of Wednesday night, just being present with her. It felt like any moment she would go, she was just hanging on by a thread. It became obvious to David that she was preparing to leave, because there was no reason for her to be hanging around. The image he kept getting was that she was like the "energizer bunny" - her body just kept going and going and going.





In these last months when Wadud was visiting Kaveesha she said to him, "When it's time for me to go you will help me leave the body, won't you, because I don't know how to do that." And of course he said yes.

So about 3:20 on Thursday, after everyone had had a nice lunch, Wadud played her music and made a beautiful invocation to Osho. Until then it appeared that she had been "unconscious" and at that moment she opened her eyes wide and looked around at all of her beloveds. She had a look of utter ecstasy on her face.

David had been holding her hand all day with no response, yet in that moment she squeezed his hand, looked in his eyes ... and flew out the top of her head. It was really something! It was really something! David just kept hearing her saying, "This is great. This is really great!"

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